Monday, September 12, 2011

47. The tower of dreamers...

A thousands years ago, the only people on earth were monkeys, and they said...
'' we’ll never walk, we’ll never use tools, we’ll never talk''
And then, one monkey said..
''ooyeah? Well I’m talking right now!''
that monkey was a dreamer........

Fast-forward five hundred years, The Wright Brothers decided make themselves a flying machine.. 
''u fools! u idiot! What your problem?'' everyone shouted..''that will never work, because plywood more weighed than air!''
the two brother responded.. '' no it doesn’t''
the Wright Brother was a dreamer......

Vincent Van Gogh,everyone told him..
''u have a one ear, u cannot be an artis''..and he said..
''i can’t hear u''..
he was a dreamer.....

HEY U! i'm a dreamer to ok? ^^ 


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